Water Management

The decisions we make developing our landscapes, to maintaining our properties determine the sustainability of our resources, and how much water will be available for outdoor Landscape uses. For these reasons, Landcare Logic is implementing concepts to help our clients conserve water, while at the same time enhancing landscapes.

Southern California is currently experiencing drought conditions. The demand for water by agriculture, urban users, and recreation are increasing. Increasing demand makes proper management and conservation of our limited water supplies increasingly important. It is estimated that 75% of the water used in Southern California is for irrigation, therefore efficient irrigation water management is necessary to conserve water. Outdoor water use can be reduced 20-50% with improved landscape techniques.

The four goals to achieve are:

  • Reduce water costs
  • Conserve water use
  • Reduce pollution (Contamination from run-off of fertilizers or pesticides)
  • Maintain a healthy landscape.
  • The following are several of the many strategies that Landcare Logic can implement to achieve a beautiful landscape while using water more wisely.

Understand the water needs of your plants. Plan and develop proper landscape zones. This practice is called hydrozoning. It is avoiding having plants with different water requirements in the same watering zone. Avoid watering turf and plants with the same station.

Correctly use the irrigation controller, install ‘smart’ controllers. Determine if the controller is set using multiple run times per station. This enables the plants to receive the proper water requirements avoiding run-off. Map all station zones to set proper run times. Set the stations to come on in a walking sequence, this saves labor time during inspections. New ‘Smart’ controllers which automatically adjust irrigation schedules based on real time weather data.

Have the proper irrigation system pressure. Proper pressure helps minimize wind effects. It also corrects distorted water patterns, increasing the effectiveness and uniform distribution of water.

Never water if the soil is wet. Installing moisture and rain sensors trigger the irrigation controller when the desired amount of moisture is achieved.

Cycle the sprinklers to allow the soil to absorb the water and avoid run-off. During irrigation, water may start to runoff into the gutter before the soil is wet enough for desired watering. This may be due to the sprinklers putting out more water in a given amount of time than the soil can absorb. By running cycles this problem can be avoided.

Make irrigation repairs in a timely manner. The most common physical problems in an irrigation system are broken components, such as risers, improperly designed or spaced heads, broken heads/nozzles, and mixed heads/nozzles. Check rotation and direction of spray to avoid watering sidewalks, driveways, streets, and over-spraying onto buildings.

Irrigation auditing is another service Landcare Logic performs on all residential and commercial properties. Having an audit performed allows us to know exactly how long each zone in the system should run each month to meet the water requirements of the plant material. During the audit inspection, a detailed report is written showing all the repairs needed to upgrade your system.

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