Edible landscapes

Edible landscaping has enjoyed resurgence since the late 1980’s. It follows many of the same principals of conventional landscape design, balance, unity, rhythm, and pattern in the landscape while combining fruit, berries, vegetables, and herbs into the design. The range of edible plants available for use in the landscape is vast and goes far beyond the common vegetables most of us think of when we think of edible plants. There are many reasons to incorporate edible plants into the landscape:

  • Enjoy home-grown fruits and vegetables
  • Grow unusual varieties not available in stores
  • Interact with your landscape

Fruit trees can be grown as large trees in the landscape or trained as fences in an ‘espalier’. A wide range of berry producing shrubs can work as hedges, living fences or screens. Vining plants such as grapes, squash, beans, and peas can climb along an arbor, pergola, fence line or trellis.

Attractive perennial and annual greens can augment a flower bed and provide fresh salads. Many flowers are edible and can be used as a colorful addition to salads. Herb gardens are beautiful and add many rich colors, textures, smells and tastes. Many herbs can also be used as an alternative ground cover.

Plant a border of lettuce, chives, green onions, pansies, and parsley along the edges of raised beds. Grow tall plants like dill, daylilies, fennel, valerian peas, edible chrysanthemum, corn and beans in the back of beds. Globe artichokes, garlic, and sunflowers all have showy tops.

The creation of a beautiful, calming natural space that includes fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers integrated into the landscape makes the space much more valuable and personal. Enjoy the benefits of edible plants in your landscape.

Edible plants include:

Sage, Salvia, Nasturtium, Fennel, Chamomile, Dusty miller, Nemesia, Dianthus, Lobelia, Angelica, Anise, Arugula, Banana, Calendula, Chrysanthemums, Day Lilies, English daisy, Fuchsia, Gladiolus, Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Lemon Verbena, Mint, Mustard, Pansy, Roses, Scented Geraniums, Snap dragon, Squash blossoms, Sunflower, Hybrid Bignonia, Tulip petals, Violets, Yucca flowers

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