Tree and Shrub tips

Trees and shrubs are an important feature in any landscape. Large trees provide focal points and serve as anchors for surrounding shrubs and plants. They provide a pleasant view, enhance privacy, reduce noise, and can provide a heaven for wildlife. It can take years for trees and large shrubs to become an established feature, therefore proper maintenance is important to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful.

Improper watering can impact the health of your plants. Overwatering can cause root problems due to fungus infections which can cause the roots to rot. Under watering causes stress, which may allow pests to host on the plant.

  • Understand the water needs of the plants
  • Cycle soak for large trees or shrubs
  • Improve quality of foliage

Landscape plants require certain nutrients to grow. Well fertilized ornamental plants grow more vigorously, have a greener and healthier appearance and produce more flowers. Most established trees and shrubs require fertilization twice a year using a slow release fertilizer.

  • Promote plant health
  • Enhance growth
  • Improve overall appearance

Proper pruning enhances the beauty of any landscape. Trees and shrubs need to be pruned and trimmed for their appearance and overall health. Selective pruning restores a plant’s natural form and shape, improves the health, landscape effect, and value of the plant.

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