Pruning tips

Knowing proper pruning techniques enhances the beauty of almost any landscape. Improper pruning of trees and shrubs greatly reduces its landscape potential. By improperly pruning, healthy plants are often weakened or deformed. Pruning is often to train a plant to its natural growth habit, or desired shape. The benefits of a properly pruned plant are:

  • Reduces stress
  • Increases value
  • Improved quality

Many shrubs and trees look their best in their natural form. Understanding this allows the plants to look as nature intended them. Certain pruning is required for the health of the plant. Removing any crossing branches and double leaders allow the plants to develop new growth, and improves plant structure. It is important for the following reasons:

  • Train the plant
  • Maintain plant health
  • Improve the quality of the foliage

It is important to prune to maintain the plants in the landscape. Prune to raise limbs, remove dead wood, thin dense canopy trees, maintain height in shrubs, or help rejuvenate shrubs.

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