The benefits of mulch are that it helps control weeds, retains soil moisture, and increases soil microbial populations. Mulch breaks down into organic materials and nutrients that are beneficial for plant material. The recommended depth of mulch is 2-4 inches. The benefits of mulch are:

  • Protects soil from erosion
  • Prevents weeds from growing
  • Protects plant roots
  • Provides color contrast for bedding areas

Mulch is one of the most cost-effective ways to save water in your landscaping. Mulching liberally and regularly helps to preserve soil moisture. Spring and fall are the best times to apply mulch. Soils are greatly enhanced as mulch aids in the following:

  • Improves soil conditions
  • Maintains soil temperature
  • Prevents water loss from evaporation

Mulch also improves the over-all landscape appearance. It creates a color contrast between turf and bed areas.

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