Landcare Logic leads the way in Recycled Water conversion

Landcare Logic leads the way in Recycled Water conversion

In San Diego, water is too precious a resource to be used just once. To meet future water demands and avoid shortages, while reducing our dependence on imported water, the City of San Diego has built the North City Water Reclamation Plant and the South Bay Water Reclamation Plant. These plants treat waste water to a level that is approved for irrigation, manufacturing and other non-drinking, or non-potable purposes. The North City Plant has the capability to treat 30 million gallons a day and the South Bay Plant can treat 15 million gallons a day. Recycled water, also referred to as reclaimed water, gives San Diego a dependable, year-round, locally controlled water resource. Using recycled water is cost-effective, reliable and good for the environment.

The problem is the expense in connecting to the recycled pipe-line.  That is where Landcare Logic is leading the way.  With five more properties already on the schedule over the next two months, Landcare Logic has found a market segment where they can utilize the experience gained over the past decade to significantly reduce customers out of pocket expenses and quickly get them on the path to 70%+ savings on their water bills.  John Crawford, C.O.O. of Landcare Logic states; “When we acquired Master Landscape Services last year, we combined the two leading retrofit companies in San Diego.  Between Ismael (Perez) and myself, we’ve completed close to 40 conversions.  More than three times as many as the next company.  Our biggest advantage is knowing what it takes to get over all the hurdles required by the City and County.  This is where most people over-spend with their current contractor.  This is a specialty that we are the best at and we will shock people with how quickly their water savings pays for their investment.”

Landcare Logic can quickly analyze your potential savings if you switch to recycled water and will do a complete inspection of any size property where recycled water service is available to calculate a return on your investment.  Landcare Logic is also working with lenders to help finance larger projects and is even willing to work out 12-24 month payment plans less than or equal to your monthly water savings until your conversion is paid in full.  “The most important aspect this is saving water, and getting people converted to the recycled water has the biggest impact on saving potable water.  Our primary goal is to live up to our mission statement and protect our environment.  Delaying our profits through in-house financing so we can convert a property immediately and start saving San Diego’s precious water embodies what we are all about - doing the right thing…”. - Craig Gerber, CEO.

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