Landcare Logic Acquires Master Landscape Services, Inc.

Landcare Logic Acquires Master Landscape Services, Inc.

In October of 2007 we began discussions with Master Landscape Services, Inc.’s and it’s owner, Robert Mayberry, about the possible acquisition of his company. As we spoke of vision, business philosophy and long term goals that we each had we quickly understood that Robert’s vision was the same as ours. That is of growing a business, centered on total client service, where decisions are made based on providing innovative approaches and creative solutions and where the primary focus will be to protect our environment.

The decision to bring Master Landscape into the Landcare Logic family and to merge our company’s effort and to expand our business vision was now a simple one! Beginning December 1, 2008 Landcare Logic proudly announced the acquisition of Master Landscape Services, Inc. Robert and his staff were welcomed with open arms, they have been urged to continue the terrific work they have provided in the past and we have committed to them, in every possible way, to expand our collaborative vision of the future.

Master Landscape was founded in 1981 to provide landscape services for condominiums and commercial property. Robert brought his experience in organic, soil building principles to large scale landscapes. Natural pruning of shrubs and regular mulching improved the health of the plants and brought out the beauty of many plants that were allowed to flower and have a natural shape. During the drought of the late 1980’s, they performed many renovations of existing landscapes that focused on plants appropriate to our climate based on Xeriscape guidelines. In 1991 Master Landscape Services received an award from the Xeriscape Council for their renovation of the landscape at Charter Point condominiums in Chula Vista. Through the 1990’s they also received Beautification Awards from the California Landscape Contractors Association acknowledging the success of their maintenance practices. In the late 1990’s Master Landscape was one of the principal contractors that performed Recycled Water Retrofits through the City of San Diego programs. Their focus on reduced water use, promoting use of recycled water in the landscape, natural pruning, mulching and appropriate landscaping gave a unique look to the properties cared for by Master Landscape Services.

Robert Mayberry will remain on as a Senior Account Manager and will bring his knowledge and experience to the broader Landcare Logic client base.

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